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types of wills

Basic Will:                                                                                             
This is a standard Will that does not require additional clauses or very specific requests that do not fit within our standard questionnaire.  This type of Will should include as many powers as possible to the Executors to enable the distribution of your estate efficiently, effectively & promptly. Click here for more details...

Discretionary Trust Nil Rate Tax Band Wills:
With careful proactive planning by including within your Will an instruction to set up a trust Equivalent to the current Nil Rate Band level, you can minimise potential tax on your Estate. 
You should consider this if:                  

Lasting Power of Attorney:
This addition to your basic Will has an option to appoint a proxy to make decisions on your behalf should you become Mentally incapable.  This would give your appointed proxy the flexibility to take into consideration all the options available to you at any given time during your illness.  Click here for more details...

Severance of Tenancy:
This facility is used in addition to your basic Will, to equalise the ownership of an estate prior to death.  It is not only a cost effective way to divide up the most common largest asset, the residence, it is also a great tool to assist with Inheritance Tax Planning.  Click here for more details...