There are some important exemptions that

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Making a Will is the first step in ensuring that your estate is shared out exactly as you want it to be.  If you leave everything to your spouse or civil partner there'll be no Inheritance Tax to pay as an exempt beneficiary.  Or you may decide to use your tax-free allowance to give some of your estate to someone else, or to a family trust. Click here for more information on IHT.

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Inheritance Tax (IHT) is only paid if the taxable value of your estate when you die is over £325,000 (2015-2016 tax year). The first £325,000 of a person's estate is known as the IHT nil rate band because the rate of Inheritance Tax charged on this amount is currently set at  zero per cent so is free of tax. 

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'Wills for Expatriates' will discuss possible tax implications and how they may affect your Estate when taking your Will instructions