262,000 British citizens that die every
year didn't get round to making a Will!

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Every year hundreds of thousands of people have their bereavement
compounded by the fact their loved ones left no clear Will instructions. 
Making a Will is the most selfless thing a person can do. Regardless of
the size of the Estate, dealing with a person's passing, where there is
no Will creates distress on an emotional and financial level. 

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Will You Die Without A Will?

YESYour Estate Will be Intestate and the Government Will decide how your Estate is handled Donīt automatically assume it Will be your partner receiving your EstateWho Will look after your Children – Social Services?

NOYou Will decide who receives what from your EstateYou Will have been advised on IHT and specialist Wills to make a difficult time easier for your Executors and loved onesYou Will have appointed a Guardian or Carer for your Children