Wills for Expatriates specialise in taking Will Instructions for
As a British Expatriate overseas, you must make a Will if you want your assets to
be distributed according to your wishes using the Law of your home country.

As we ourselves are British Expatriates we understand first-hand the difficulties in:

  • Finding English speaking service providers

  • Managing to get tasks completed on time and to specification

  • Getting fair and impartial advice from trusted, credible sources
  • world in hands

    Download our Free Guide We are affiliate Members of The Society of Will Writers and work in accordance with the Terms & Conditions of the Society regulations.  The Society's two main tasks are to promote the real need and sense in having a valid Will; and to act as a self-regulatory body through stringent membership requirements, proficiency standards and on-going training. All the advisers at Wills for Expatriates attend ongoing professional development provided by the Society of Will Writers and The Will Company.

    Our combined experience and expertise enables us to take your Will instruction with care &
    empathy.  We ensure you receive detailed advice throughout the process on areas that may
    affect how your Will is drafted. 

    Wills for Expatriates, helping you help yourself